20 Things I want to accomplish as a 20 year old.

This is it. The big 2-0. As I sit here typing it out it still has not hit me. I am twenty years old. No more blaming all of my mistakes and “uh ohs” on my teenage years because I am no longer a teen. Five years ago when I was fifteen, I pictured myself very different from where I am now. My fifteen year old self thought that I would be thriving at the University of Georgia (my dream school), probably with an internship at the nearby hospital. Maybe a boyfriend, or a few. Living happily and healthily, and sharing all of my experiences with my mom. But boy oh boy does life catch up to you quicker than you think.

Currently as a freshly turned 20 year old I am not at my dream school, but one that fulfills me enough to not miss out on what could have been. I’m not interning at the local hospital, but working in retail. I have yet to gain a boyfriend, nor do I aspire for one in the near future. I am not as healthy as I should be, and my happiness comes and goes. Sadly, I do not have the privilege of sharing life with my mom anymore. And all of that is okay.

I used to live life on a timeline. I need to do this by this age. I have to accomplish this by this age. I have to, I have to, I have to. I set all of these goals for my older self that I forgot to pay attention to my current self. All of the things I set to accomplish by certain ages possibly could have been attained if I focused on what was in front of me, not what was years ahead.

Recently I have had the time to sit back and reflect on myself. It sucked. But I was truly able to figure out what I need to focus on, and what I need to let God choose instead of me choosing. In my adolescence, I never realized what a control freak I was. I always had some type of plan for everything. And if I messed up or missed one thing for that plan, I would give up and wait for the next monumental moment to start afresh.

Now I know what I can do for myself, and what I need to let God do for me. I can only achieve what I want by putting in the effort, and I can only trust that God’s plan for me will align with what I would like for myself.

Without further ado, here are the 20 Things I would like to accomplish as a 20 year old.


20 Things I want to accomplish as a 20 year old.

  1. Learn a new recipe every week.
  2. Live a healthier lifestyle.
  3. Save enough money to purchase a new camera and lens.
  4. Volunteer at the Children’s Hospital.
  5. Clear my skin.
  6. Learn to cook my mom’s traditional dishes.
  7. Keep a daily journal.
  8. Write a new blog post every week.
  9. Upload a new youtube video every week.
  10. Gain 10k subscribers.
  11. Dye my hair.
  12. Get a second piercing.
  13. Achieve a scholarship.
  14. Learn a new language.
  15. Create healthier habits.
  16. Have once-a-week self-care days.
  17. Visit Seattle.
  18. Reach out to friends who I don’t see everyday.
  19. Pray more.
  20. Be happy.

Most of these things are achievable. Some will require a lot of work, and some will not. I know that if I can check off at least half of this list I will be happy. This year I am putting more of an effort into myself. I’m not setting crazy expectations. Just going to take it day by day. Whatever is out of my control is in God’s, and I trust him.

These are my 20 things I want to accomplish, what are yours?


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