Waiting for the right moment.

The right moment. Something we all are familiar with. We are always waiting for the RIGHT moment. The right moment to start getting healthy, or to finally work on that project you’ve been putting off. But why does there have to be a “right” moment to do anything?

My whole life I was never really an outgoing person. I was the one who just stuck to the same people at social events and never went out of my way to be the center of attention. I wasn’t a complete wallflower but I certainly wasn’t the person to be in the middle of the dance floor (more like off to the side of the dance floor). Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with not being outgoing. If everyone in the world was outgoing it would be borderline chaotic. Although, there are times when we need to buckle our boots and just get stuff done.

For me, I was the type of person to start a new project every month, without finishing the previous one. It got to a point where I lost my creative drive because I was so bummed about my incomplete projects. And then it started to fall into other parts of my life. I put off dying my hair, piercing my ears, even trying to lose weight. All because it wasn’t the “right” time.

Like I said before, why does there have to be a “right” time?  We keep waiting for that right moment in life to finally do something that we have been desperately wanting to do. So instead of waiting for the right moment, why don’t we create it? We aren’t on this Earth forever, so why should we wait to do something before it’s too late. There is no better time than now. God put us here to live our best life, and what kind of sons and daughters are we by denying what he blessed us with? So pick up that paintbrush or go to that yoga class. Don’t hold yourself back because you think it isn’t the right time. Make the right time for yourself, because no one else is gonna give to you.


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